Wouldn't it be cool...
                            to run Python...
                            in your browser?



  <script type="py">
    print('You can!')



Say Hello to PyScript 👋

PyScript is an open source platform for Python in the browser.

PyScript brings together two of the most vibrant technical ecosystems on the planet. If the web and Python had a baby, you'd get PyScript.

At the core of PyScript is a philosophy of digital empowerment. The web is the world's most ubiquitous computing platform, mature and familiar to billions of people. Python is one of the world's most popular programming languages.

With PyScript, Python runs anywhere there's a browser (which is everywhere).

PyScript is...

  • Easy: your apps run in the browser with no complicated installation required.
  • Expressive: create apps with a powerful, popular and easy to learn language like Python.
  • Scalable: no need for expensive infrastructure ~ your code runs in your user's browser.
  • Shareable: applications are just a URL on the web. That's it!
  • Universal: your code runs anywhere a browser runs... which is everywhere!
  • Secure: PyScript runs in the world's most battle-tested computing platform, the browser!
  • Powerful: the best of the web and Python, together at last.