Bokeh Example

packages = [ "", "numpy", ] plugins = [ "" ] import asyncio import json import pyodide from js import Bokeh, console, JSON from bokeh import __version__ from bokeh.document import Document from bokeh.embed.util import OutputDocumentFor, standalone_docs_json_and_render_items from bokeh.models import Slider, Div from bokeh.layouts import Row from bokeh.protocol.messages.patch_doc import process_document_events # create a new plot with default tools, using figure p = Slider(start=0.1, end=10, value=1, step=.1, title="Amplitude") div = Div(text=f'Amplitude is: {p.value}') def callback(attr, old, new): div.text = f'Amplitude is: {new}' p.on_change('value', callback) row = Row(children=[p, div]) def doc_json(model, target): with OutputDocumentFor([model]) as doc: doc.title = "" docs_json, _ = standalone_docs_json_and_render_items( [model], suppress_callback_warning=True ) doc_json = list(docs_json.values())[0] root_id = doc_json['roots']['root_ids'][0] return doc, json.dumps(dict( target_id = target, root_id = root_id, doc = doc_json, version = __version__, )) def _link_docs(pydoc, jsdoc): def jssync(event): if getattr(event, 'setter_id', None) is not None: return events = [event] json_patch = jsdoc.create_json_patch_string(pyodide.ffi.to_js(events)) pydoc.apply_json_patch(json.loads(json_patch)) jsdoc.on_change(pyodide.ffi.create_proxy(jssync), pyodide.ffi.to_js(False)) def pysync(event): json_patch, buffers = process_document_events([event], use_buffers=True) buffer_map = {} for (ref, buffer) in buffers: buffer_map[ref['id']] = buffer jsdoc.apply_json_patch(JSON.parse(json_patch), pyodide.ffi.to_js(buffer_map), setter_id='js') pydoc.on_change(pysync) async def show(plot, target): pydoc, model_json = doc_json(plot, target) views = await Bokeh.embed.embed_item(JSON.parse(model_json)) jsdoc = views[0].model.document _link_docs(pydoc, jsdoc) asyncio.ensure_future(show(row, 'myplot'))