packages = [ "", "numpy", "pandas", "panel==0.13.1" ] plugins = [ "" ] import panel as pn import numpy as np import pandas as pd from bokeh.models import ColumnDataSource from bokeh.plotting import figure df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.randn(10, 4), columns=list('ABCD')).cumsum() rollover = pn.widgets.IntInput(name='Rollover', value=15) follow = pn.widgets.Checkbox(name='Follow', value=True, align='end') tabulator = pn.widgets.Tabulator(df, height=450, width=400).servable(target='table') def color_negative_red(val): """ Takes a scalar and returns a string with the css property `'color: red'` for negative strings, black otherwise. """ color = 'red' if val < 0 else 'green' return 'color: %s' % color p = figure(height=450, width=600) cds = ColumnDataSource(data=ColumnDataSource.from_df(df)) p.line('index', 'A', source=cds, line_color='red') p.line('index', 'B', source=cds, line_color='green') p.line('index', 'C', source=cds, line_color='blue') p.line('index', 'D', source=cds, line_color='purple') def stream(): data = df.iloc[-1] + np.random.randn(4), rollover=rollover.value, follow=follow.value) value = {k: [v] for k, v in tabulator.value.iloc[-1].to_dict().items()} value['index'] = [tabulator.value.index[-1]] cb = pn.state.add_periodic_callback(stream, 200) pn.pane.Bokeh(p).servable(target='plot') pn.Row(cb.param.period, rollover, follow, width=400).servable(target='controls')